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Keeping Quiet

Keeping Quiet Poem Explanation

The poem was written by Pablo Neruda in Spanish but later translated to English. Its main thrust was the significance of introspection and retrospection…

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Elementary school classroom in a slum Poem summary

An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum Explanation

An elementary school classroom in a slum was published by Stephen Spender in 1964. The poem resonates the poet’s political views and brings forth the difficulties faced by the kids in slums. This poem was written to highlight the social injustice prevailing at that time in the world. This article summarizes…

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Aunt Jennifer's Tigers Poem Summary

Aunt Jennifers Tigers Poem Summary

Aunt Jennifer’s tigers is a poem by Adrienne Rich illustrating her feminist concerns. In the male dominant world, a women of her time was only supposed to…

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A Thing of Beauty

A Thing of Beauty explanation

A Thing of Beauty is a poem written by the famous romantic poet, John Keats. The poem tells about how nature and its wonder mesmerize us and take away all the sorrow that surrounds us from time to time. This explanation might aid…

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A Roadside Stand Explanation

A roadside stand is a poem written by the highly-acclaimed poet, Robert Frost who is regarded for his realistic depiction of rural life…

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