A Guide to Value-based questions (With Sample Papers)

CBSE has introduced value based questions from 2013 for both Class 12th and class 10th. The following guide might aid you in understanding the new type of questions.

What are value-based questions?

Values refer to the good qualities a student should possess. To name a few we have – safeguarding our environment, helping the poor, and to appreciate people of all castes and creed.

Value based learnings like donating blood  

How many questions will be there in the examination?

There will be a 5 marker in a paper of 100 marks and around 3 to 4 marks question for a 70-90 marks question paper.

How to prepare for these questions?

There is no special preparation needed to answer these questions and a sound general awareness should do the job.

Make sure you are well versed with the latest happenings related to our society and you’ll be good to go. Also, be morally responsible which is what this new type wants you to become.

Download sample papers containing these new value-based questions

CBSE has published sample papers for each subject to clear the confusion around how the questions will be framed.

Here are the sample papers for each subject. If you are looking to download them all in one go, skip the table below.

Class XIIth

Subject Link Mirror
Accountancy Download View/Download
Business Studies Download View/Download
Economics Download View/Download
Entrepreneurship Download View/Download
Chemistry Download View/Download
Physics Download View/Download
Mathematics Download View/Download
Biology Download View/Download
English (Core) Download View/Download
English (Elective) Download View/Download
English (Functional) Download View/Download
History Download View/Download
Geography Download View/Download
Hindi (Aichik) Download View/Download
Hindi (Kendrik) Download View/Download


Download them all


  1. Click over Download them all button above
  2. A new page will open, select the files which you wish to download. Mark a tick next to "name" if you want to download them all.
  3. Click on Download button
  4. A zip archive containing your selected files would start downloading.
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