CBSE Exam Guide

Exam Guide

Welcome to the examination guide for CBSE examinations. This page provides you with everything you need for the oncoming examinations. Feel free to look around and kick start your prep!


CBSE board examinations start from 1st March, 2013 and ends on 17th April, 2013. You may click over the following link to get the complete datesheet:

CBSE Datesheet, 2013

Syllabus & Marking Scheme

Introduction of Value-based questions

From 2013, there will be some value-based questions in your board papers. These will test the qualities you should possess to be a responsible citizen in our society like being considerate towards poor, saving our mother nature to name a few.

There will be a 5 mark question in a paper of 100 marks and around 3 to 4 marks question for a 70-90 marks question paper.

To learn more about them and see how questions will be framed, you may download the latest sample papers from here.

Sample Papers from last year

Uptil this year, CBSE published these set of three papers for each subject alongside their expected answers. There are tons of little things to learn from these handful papers.

Do not give them a miss!

View Sample Papers

Question Papers

These are the question papers which appeared in the examinations last year ie, 2012. Make sure you practice each question in these papers before you leave for your examination.

The following only contains the common subjects in each stream, for a full list of question papers including languages, visit this page.

Science Stream

Subject Link
Biology SET 1 | SET 2 | SET 3
Chemistry SET 1 | SET 2 | SET 3
Mathematics SET 1 | SET 2 | SET 3
Physics SET 1 | SET 2 | SET 3

Commerce Stream

Subject Link
Accountancy SET 1 | SET 2 | SET 3
Business Studies SET 1 | SET 2 | SET 3
Economics SET 1 | SET 2 | SET 3
Mathematics SET 1 | SET 2 | SET 3

Arts Stream

Subject Link
Geography SET 1 | SET 2 | SET 3
History SET 1 | SET 2 | SET 3
Political Science SET 1 | SET 2 | SET 3
Economics SET 1 | SET 2 | SET 3

More previous year question papers

Click over the year number to view the questions papers which appeared during that year.


Toppers’ Answer Sheets

What’s better way to learn than directly from the toppers themselves. From the value points to the way each answer is presented, these people have had their work rewarded. Learn, replicate and become a topper youself!

Click here to check their answer transcripts of toppers in the year 2012. To view the answer transcripts of high scoring students during the year 2011, you may click here.

Something about practical examinations…

Apart from the oncoming examinations, you might be worried about your practical examinations as well. I’ve had my share of sleepless nights studying and working to perform well in my Board practicals. Here’s my first hand narration of the experience I had on my practical exam day and how I came out of it unscathed.

(my practical was scheduled for 11:15 am) I ran and ran as if a dog was chasing me. Nothing scared me as the biggest horror was waiting for me in school. Finally, reached school and it was already 11:20 am…

Entire narration here

P.S.: If you are particularly looking to for something to complete your chemistry practical file, this might help you.

All the best!