How to fill CBSE exams enrollment form

CBSE has started dispatching the forms to fill the details of the students. The procedure is pretty simple but a blunder in this process can prove to be fatal and may get you in some serious problems. Believe me, I have been through all these and the situation was definitely adventurous.

In a day or two, you will be asked to fill out your details like FULL NAME, FATHER’S NAME, MOTHER’S NAME, SUBJECTS OPTED FOR, ADDRESS, ADDITIONAL SUBJECT details, if any.

Be careful in filling all these, though you will be allowed to check your details again. Most probably, your teacher will ask you to submit your 10th marksheet, if you happen to be in Class XIIth. And he/she will make sure things get as it is in the marksheet, so better get your mark sheets photocopied and always keep a copy in your bag as the school will keep you on your toes for getting the marksheet. If you don’t believe me, I was forced to go back home and get the marksheet.

Once you are through this, few days later you will be asked to check your details in the printed sheet. This is where the usual blunders occur. Like for example, if you happen to be ‘RAHUL KUMAR’, it may come as ‘RAHUL KUMARI’. Just an ‘I’ can sometimes change your gender so be careful and take your time to check all the details here. Sign there only if you find the details perfectly fine otherwise don’t sign.

The third step involves you to check your details again, this time all the corrections will be in bold letters so keep a watch of all those. That’s it, you’re done with this and everything will be fine as it should be.

Even if you fail to get too far and get your name or any detail misprinted in your admit card, you can report this immediately to your school principal. He/she will guide you through all these and will ask you to complete some formalities.

Many of you might be thinking that why in the world would I write an article on something as simple as this? And my answer would be that I’ve been through all this and if someone can really tell you the real colour of CBSE and at parts, the school you belong to, then I am the one you are looking for!


  1. Fill your details carefully
  2. Check and recheck your subject codes twice or even thrice
  3. Tell your teacher about any corrections then and there when get to check your details in the printed sheet.


  1. Never sign the sheet without checking the details and also if you have any corrections to be made.
  2. Never take things casually
  3. Never write your name which differs from the one in your class Xth certificate; it’s always better to maintain homogeneity in your 10th and 12th mark sheets.
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