How to write a speech – The CBSE Way

Speech is a verbal interaction with an audience and given for many reasons. A speech makes it easy for a person to make his or her message reach out to the audience and any point of view that one wants to be known and understood by people, can be send across the medium of verbal interaction with a speech. Students, youngsters and even elders want to write a speech but cannot find the right collection of word, facts and figures.

When you have to write a speech make sure you know your topic in depth and you do a detailed research on the topic. When you would do a detailed research on the topic you would see that you would be able to write effective sentences that would make an audience feel more alert and more inclined towards your speech. When you write effective sentences you would notice that you would feel more confident in writing ideas on the paper and you would be able to picture the audience getting impressed by your great thoughts and great presentation of facts and figures.

Many people who want to write a speech should ask someone around about the topic generally so that they know something about the topics and only then they should search for more about it online and from different resources. After a person has collected ideas from different resources the then the best ideas are to be written first and must be in a sequence. Many people write a speech haphazardly, but the real trick of a speech is to prioritize your ideas and once you start discussing an idea, make sure you discuss it at full length to make it easy for memorizing the speech.

Many people take help from a speechwriter. A speech writer is sometimes a professional person or is sometimes any random person who has a good intellectual level and has a deep knowledge about the facts and figures of the world. This person can be any friend of your or any student in your school. Many schools have great speechwriters and some schools even appoint one speechwriter to help teachers and students conduct functions that are held at school like: Parent’s teacher meetings, science competitions, graduation and many more. All of these functions need a speechwriter to write some great effective lines about welcoming people and thanking people who were a part of the show.

When students want to know how to write a speech they try to write all the big vocabulary words in one sentence, but this only makes writing a speech much more difficult than it usually is. The real trick of writing an effective speech is to write it in simple yet creative words with the right use of vocabulary only where needed. Flooding a speech with vocabulary words would not be effective at all and this is not what a speechwriter would do.

If you are writing a speech, make sure you read each sentence at least one time, loudly and clearly, to make sure that it sounds right to you and if you feel that there is still some room for improvement, always write another sentence without cutting the previous one and say out loud each of the written sentence to pick out the one that sounds most effective and right. Sometimes, while you are writing a speech you would make the mistake of changing the tone of the speech. Each speech must be written using words, sentences and ideas that would suit the kind of audience that would hear you deliver your speech.

A speechwriter writes one paragraph at a time, then leaves the work for a while, takes a break and reads out loud what he or she has written. This is an effective way of writing a speech, which would make you aware of what issues are prevalent in your speech and how can your correct those areas. These are some simple tricks that need to be followed if you really want to make your speech effective and worth winning an award. A speech does not have to be long and boring, in order to grab the attention of your audience you must write some interesting facts and figures that would keep on holding their attention to what you would be saying. Another important thing while you write a speech is to make sure, you write it in a bullet points. When you would write first in bullets, you would find it easy to join the same theme lines together in one paragraph and make it the perfect paragraph that would only need a revision to see of any corrections are needed and to see of it sounds great when you speak.

How to write a speech makes many people think twice and they totally lose their self-confidence. Many people are not well aware of the topic on which they have to write a speech and if that speech has to be welcome message for a school even or office event, they would just stay lost in coming up with the best words and lines. Always remember one thing. A speech has various categories and no specific rules apply to all speech writing. If you are writing a speech for your school function make sure you write it in a way that makes it easier for you to interact with the audience.

Many people who ask a professional speechwriter to write a speech for their school event would first examine the way people interact at school with one another, would try to pick out some jokes and facts around the school that would make an audience enjoy the entire speech and would then write in a tone that would sound interactive to the audience and would not make the speech sound like a political speech or a lecture. So it is highly important to know what kind of audience you want to write for.

Some important points while writing speech

Before we proceed further with writing speech, one has to make sure that who are the audience your speech, then comes topic of the speech and last but not least how much time do one has for his / her speech. First comes the construction of the construction of the speech, let’s take an example of burger it has bread at the top and bottom with some interesting filling in between, but when we eat it we eat it all together. The same way we will do with the speech.

Rather than writing more about how to write a speech, please watch the informative video on how to write a speech, which will help you in scoring well in your CBSE examination.

Some important tips while giving speech

  • The presenter has to be dress appropriately as per the occasion.
  • If audio visual aids are available then it is advised that the presenter should adjust the volume of the microphone and test the remaining equipment which he / she would be using while giving the speech.
  • Rather than sitting or standing still it is preferred that the presenter gives speech by moving around and with appropriate hand and facial gestures.
  • Body language of the presenter is very important while giving the speech, the speaker should speak with conviction as if he is a true believer of that he or she is saying.
  • The presenter should maintain sincere eye contact with the audience, try to keep as many eye contacts as possible (it is better you maintain an eye contact for about three seconds with one person). By doing this it would show you are giving attention to every person in the audience.
  • Try not to read from handouts, the presenter can look for the pointers but complete reading from handouts should be avoided (it will give an impression that presenter is not fully prepared with the topic).
  • The presenter should speak to his / her audience and listen to their reactions and adopt accordingly.
  • Give some pause; so that the audience gets some time to think do not race through with your presentation.
  • If you have handouts to distribute to the audience then it is requested to time it accordingly.
  • The presenter should know how to time his or her speech it should not be too long neither too short.
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