Note making – The CBSE way

Note making has been an integral part of CBSE’s writing part for years now(As far as I know and have heard the same from my seniors too) and it is essential to know its format to score well. You may also like to check the detailed tutorial of note making here – Learn Note making (with example)

Here is the basic format:

These are few points which are to be kept in mind while making notes.

•  Indent the notes properly
•  Use of abbreviations
•  Heading / Title (should be 3 – 4)
•  Sub heading (should be 3-4)
•  Key at the end of the note (It should be enclosed with a box)
•  Don’t include all the information present in an article or paragraph.
•  There should be no grammatically correct sentences in the notes.

One thing to note here is that, note making is one of the highly scoring part in your English examination provided you get an easy article. Don’t panic if you don’t, just read it twice or even thrice depending upon your grip over the language.

Once you are fine and are able to grasp the main points of the article, just jot them down somewhere and bingo! there you go with your notes. Just arrange them using the format mentioned above and you’re done.

This article has been written by one of our dear friend and a student of class XI

Posted by Admin on behalf of him

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  • chitrakshi

    soryyy but i cant undrstand all this can u plzz giving us some examples

  • Shreya Santhosh

    Can I have an Example, Please?

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