How to easily score 90+ in Physics CBSE exam

This guide is about how to maximize your score in Physics examination conducted by CBSE. Though, this does work for other boards as well but I’ve restricted it to the domain of CBSE as I’ve personally experienced the CBSE fever!

To start about myself, I am not a Padhaku-type, I just realized a month or two before the actual examinations and was able to score 94 that for an average student like me were way beyond my wildest imaginations (Anyways why would my wild imaginations have scoring high in boards ๐Ÿ˜› ).

Here are some tips to get 90+ in Physics:

1. Solve the three official CBSE sample papers thoroughly

Doesn’t need further explanations, solve them in the 3 hour time frame without looking at the answers and check with the answers then. See how many marks you get considering step-marking as well.

You can download these CBSE sample papers from here

2. Take time to absorb the marking scheme (Blue-print)

There is a very little chance that the paper comes out of the blue-print like it came in my time but nonetheless understanding how paper will be set can turn things better for you.

Lets take up the blue-print given by CBSE and I’ll explain you how I went about it during my preparation.

Regular Order

  • Electrostatics – 08 marks
  • Current electricity – 07 marks
  • Magnetic effect of current and magnetism – 08 marks
  • EMI and AC – 08 marks
  • EM Waves – 03 marks
  • Optics – 14 marks
  • Dual nature of radiation and matter – 04 marks
  • Atoms and Nuclei – 06 marks
  • Electronic Devices – 07 marks
  • Communication systems – 05 marks

Modified Order (As per weightage)

  • Optics (Both Wave and Ray optics)
  • Electrostatics
  • Magnetic effect of current and magnetism
  • EMI and AC
  • Current electricity
  • Electronic devices
  • Atoms and Nuclei
  • Communication systems
  • Dual nature of matter
  • Electomagnetic waves

As you can see in the second column, I rearranged the topics with the ones having higher weightage on top and so on.

I started from the bottom part. EM waves, saw the chapter for an hour, left it cause I didn’t understand much of it but noted only important definitions like Displacement current, and the wave equation.

Dual Nature of matter, along with Atoms and Nuclei were finished next. Considering my love for Atomic Structure (From class XIth), I fairly enjoyed doing this.

Then Communication systems, didn’t like the chapter, so left it for later.

Now, there was a little digression here, as I went up the list, the chapters were becoming heavier and heavier, I had to reshuffle again according to what I knew well. I just stuck to mastering what all halves I knew and finished them to perfection. Like Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Magnetic effects of current were some topics that were there in my mind though not perfectly. I finished them off from my tuition notes first, did 1 and 2 marker conceptual questions from the sample papers book and solved some NCERT questions.

Then came EMI and AC. EMI is fairly a theoretical chapter with Lenz law having the maximum amount of questions floating around. I read its theory from NCERT textbook and solved 1 and 2 markers. Now for EMI, these short questions were quite useful as this chapter has very minute intricacies which one need to look after.

Alternating Current felt huge, and totally new. I was already weak in Waves and that carried onto AC as well. I strategized differently for this. Did transformers, generator and their theory, working and principle really well. I felt these were bigger birds and if they had a chance they would appear as a five markers.

Then read about Phasors over the Internet, came back and read the chapter again. Felt a little comfortable and finished it up though not up to the mark. Left it for sometime to settle in my head.

I was now in the final stage with only Optics and few small chapters left. For Ray optics, I read my tuition notes atleast twice. Derivations like for focus of mirrors and lens, the lens maker formula were done till perfection. Didn’t touch a numerical of it till the very last day of my examination, I felt if I knew the theory I could do the numerical as well. Didn’t touch my textbook at all for Ray optics, only smaller concise notes.

Do study optical instruments, their working and principle as they are almost sure shot every year.

For Wave optics, I read it from the NCERT textbook line by line and to tell you, YDSE(Young’s Double Slit Experiment) is the most important thing in this chapter. If you had only one day in hand for it, YDSE, Huygens law and Brewster’s angle would be the only thing you would need to do from this chapter.

With this, Communication systems and Electronic Devices (Semiconductors) were only left.

I somehow mugged up Semiconductors but left Transistors altogether. I knew if they were coming, they had a higher probability of coming as five markers, and five markers should’ve an option. So, I am almost safe here.

Communication systems made me yawn first, it made me again. I only studied the definitions of sky waves, etc., learnt the only formula in the chapter by-heart which is root (2rH) where H is the height of tower.

I also had difficulty in remembering the Electromagnetic spectrum and its order. If you are just on the same boat as me, check this awesome song:


Get the idea? Most of the job is done if you work according to the blueprint. Just stick to it and you’ll realize what to leave when there’s no time left. But, try not to leave out on anything. My 94 were just because of leaving these smaller bits. Work on them and I am sure you’ll touch a 100!

3. Underline important lines in textbook while studying

Underlining text is essential to speed up your revision 

Underlining is important, as when you are done with the chapter, you just have to read the underlined sentences to get the main gist of the chapter. Boosts your revision really well and saves time for your girlfriend/boyfriend.

4. Never undermine the importance of graphs!

Practice graphs regularly 

This may sound weird, but graphs are also aids to learn intricate things fast. When you see something changing, it sticks in your mind well. Draw all the graphs in the book as much as you can.

5. Get sample papers, Do them a bit

I personally brought ULike Sample papers for this job. To be frank, I never went past the 1 and 2 markers given in the book. They were plenty in number and I just stuck to those. But avoid doing this, solve other parts as well. The more pages you do, the more stronger your preparation would be.

If you’ve plenty of time in hand after this, do the mock test papers.

Also, Consider allotting equal time to all the subjects, if you are acutely short on time, you may skip doing mock test papers in exam like conditions but just skim through them once.

6. Solve last 10-year question papers

Solving the last 10 year question papers of DELHI region, OUTSIDE DELHI and other regions will make your 90+ score sure shot. Many of the times, the 1 and 2 markers are direct lifts and you can see there are many repetitions. By-heart the one markers if you are stuck somewhere.

7. Chillax and enjoy physics

Scoring marks is not the primary goal, read to learn about our beautiful surroundings. Enjoy the subject, try researching on how physicist thought and deduced the laws and theorems. Then read your text, you’ll find yourself enjoying the whole practice and you’ll get the feeling of reading a novel.

Nonetheless, skip the last point if it’s January ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Varun Daga

    thnx alot….!!!!
    It was great reading the whole thing..!!!

    • ankur jatt

      kuch chapter rearrange like jisme knowledge use pehle padho

  • bada bhai

    wonderful method

  • Ansh Behl

    Thanks a lot bro. This was really helpful.
    Thumbs up. (Y)

  • Rasika Nimkar

    So did you do all numericals from NCERT only?…and nothing else?

    But thanks a lot. It’s given me a little direction on how should go about. Now that it’s only a month left :O

    • CBSE Guy

      Yes, I did numerical from the NCERT textbook. I also practiced the one markers from sample papers book and that’s the only outside reference I used.

      • foss crunch

        Even the additional exercises?

        • CBSE Guy

          You may leave the additional exercises entirely. I do not advise this but if you do not have much time in hand, skip them and move forward to the next chapters.

  • monika

    well written!

  • Ajayender

    do the numericals only come from ncert

    • CBSE Guy

      The questions may have twisted words to confuse you but all the numerical will only be based on the topics given in your NCERT textbook.

  • Prince Paras

    if i hav only one day left and and nthing is going on brain then what to do………….

    • CBSE Guy

      You will need to relax first ๐Ÿ™‚ Things are not as bad as you’re feeling right now. You know a lot of things, have faith in yourself .

      Good luck!

  • abrar

    ook…here’s the deal…i have 2 weeks left for physics boards and i stil have no clue bout numericals nd theoretical applications of all the chapters…what should i do…n whtz important in dual nature chapter?…n r there any online websites that have the last 10 yrs paper with answers?

    • CBSE Guy

      Firstly, practice all the past year question papers (Mug them if you find some difficult). Then move on to NCERT and start studying. You’ll have to give some more time to quickly build up your concepts.

      Concentrate on concepts including derivations and not the numericals. Once you find yourself at regular pace, practice some numericals ๐Ÿ™‚



    m in big trble…as 2-2 prebrdx de chuke h to..sumwot sab thoda thoda prep h bt problm is sab kuch prep ni h nawww…

    abhi ncert uthai h… :/ m nt sure it ll’ wrk or nt…nd hv desyded to solve awwll the sample paprx(arihant sample paprx) nd yaaa last 5 yearss paprx…

    juzz wanna knw to study a mean is this enough :/ hv promsd pappa to score 90+

    helpp mehh p’liizzzz

    • CBSE Guy

      Solve sample papers and past year question papers first and see how much you are scoring. Then analyze the chapters which you found difficult and give extra time to read their theory from NCERT.

      Don’t worry, your promise won’t go in vain… ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck!

  • ram

    i didn’t pass my pre board examinations , can i score good marks in board exam.
    whats the way for it

    • CBSE Guy

      Yes, you can! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Preboards are generally way more difficult than Boards. Work on your weakness, look at what went wrong in your preboards and work on them. Practice the past year question papers and sample papers and see how much you are scoring now.

      Good luck and do not worry, you’ll rock! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • ram

        Thanks a lot,I don’t know whether i will score well in board exam but
        your comment has motivated me & i will try to do my best in the exam. Thanks again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ashwani

    how can i get perfect command on semiconductor electronics?

    • CBSE Guy

      You can study from NCERT, check out tutorials on youtube and refer to ebooks to get a hang of it.

      And do not worry if you haven’t learnt it perfectly, just check the past year papers ( and see what kind of questions appear from Semiconductors. Practice them thoroughly first and then move on to other concepts.

  • Megha

    hey..can u please post something similar for chemistry…coz i found this really helpful…so if u post about chemistry also..i’l be really thankful as i m really worried about my chem..please do it as soon as possible..coz a little time is left n i know i’m really late but please do help…!

    • CBSE Guy

      Glad you found this helpful. ๐Ÿ™‚

      We’re working on similar thing for chemistry but we can’t promise you as exams are almost here and don’t know if that would serve the purpose. Sincere apologies from our side ๐Ÿ™

  • kamesh dashora

    do i need to do the additional ques. also from NCERT . these are very time taking.

    • CBSE Guy

      You may leave them if you’re short on time and are worried about other chapters. Once you finish your entire syllabus, just ponder over them once. If you feel they’re difficult, leave them because you might worry about your preparation and forget the topics which you studied.

  • Kick Buttowski Aswin

    hi thanx a lot cbseguy (name) im in lots of pressure,my parents are asking me to rite test test,but i have a lot to revise and im witing all the theories,and r u sure that can i score 90+ if work 10 years question papers.

    • CBSE Guy

      Do not worry Aswin, its just like a regular examination and do not succumb to any form of peer pressure at this stage.

      Your parents have high expectations on you since they know you since the time you were the size of a human hand and no one knows about you better than them. Its not just your examination, its your family’s so at any point you feel they’re putting extra strain on your effort, tell them so and they’ll surely listen to you ๐Ÿ™‚

      What you can do right now is, practice theory in the evening and in the morning from 10-1, solve an actual board examination paper. Then from 2pm – 3pm, analyze your entire paper and see where you were losing maximum marks and write these topics in a piece of paper.

      Now when you start your theory revision in the evening, start with these topics ๐Ÿ™‚

      If at any time you feel, this practice is taking a lot of time. Cut that 10-1 board-like exam and simply skim through the paper and mark the questions you can definitely score full if given in examination. Give extra efforts on the unticked questions and you’ll be done ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’ve been all through what you’re going through right now and I can safely tell you mate, you’ll rock, this fear which you’ve have in you right now is a trait of a good scoring student ๐Ÿ™‚

      Just don’t let this stress win! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Kick Buttowski Aswin

        thank a lot, but i got very low marks in my pre board exam and im now studyig everything i can and working out all the cbse questions.

  • preeti

    i am haivng problem in chemistry..i am get very tensed because as boards are apperaing i have forget all what i have read and now is fearing of getting compartment plz help me as my parents are expecting 90 + from me so this leads me in deprresion,..plz tell how can i clear chem. with good marks in remaining timw which is left plzzzzzz help me.

  • Kick Buttowski Aswin

    guy plz put the previous yrs paper

  • Rishabh Kapoor

    One, brother, You’re a rockstar. I fortunately found this blog, though it’s late, but still.

    Two, Help me with one more thing, please.
    Well, I was late finding this post, and I already began my Physics preparation two days back. Yes, I know even the preparations are real, real late but still, I want to hit a ninety. I am done with Current electricity, and Communication Systems. Please take a trouble to reply a short guidelines, as to what to do now. I am confused and I don’t know from where to start now. From Ab Initio, I was inducted into a (Swear Word) coaching class, which simply (Swear word Again) up everything. I know a little about every chapter. But that’s just very, very little. Help me.


    • Rishabh Kapoor

      I meant, *Reply some short guidelines. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • CBSE Guy

      Thanks for your appreciation mate ๐Ÿ™‚

      Coming to your query, since you’re done with current electricity, start studying chapters like electrostatics, magnetic effects of current. Quickly read theory from NCERT as these chapters are more on derivations. Say, if you know Gauss Law, you can almost answer a plethora of questions which can be thrown in your examination.

      Look at the article above and target all the chapters which are above Current electricity (in the modified order on the right).

      Once you’re done with these huge chunk of chapters, half of your job is done.

      Next, Atoms and Nuclei and Dual nature of matter are chapters which need pretty similar effort, so you can club these chapters and study them in a stretch. Then finish off Semiconductor devices.

      Do not worry and you can surely touch a 90, all you need is to slog some extra hours. At any time, if you feel you’re stuck somewhere, simply move on to the next topic and at the end check all these topics which you left. Even then you find them difficult leave them :). Your aim is to minimize this left over bits to score 90+.

      Additionally searching internet (Wikipedia and Youtube) for a particularly difficult concept can save a lot of time as well as you can quickly learn there and then skim through that concept in the NCERT textbook later.

      Good luck and we’re sure you’ll do well! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • anant shukla

    brother pls tell me whats the weightage of numerierials alone in phy board exam.and what about logic gates do they come in exam.

  • pavani

    i did everything mentioned here..just not getting how to clear the 1 and 2 markers..bcoz , on seeing the sample paper i realized that there are not many questions from previous year papers..all questions seem to be new..

  • pavani

    i did everything mentioned above…but i am not getting how to solve the 1 and 2 mark questions..bcoz the sample paper has most of the questions which were not there in previous papers and the real paper is going to be close to the sample paper i guess..plzz help.

    • CBSE Guy

      The sample papers generally have new questions. But your starting point has to be to study 1 and 2 marks from Sample papers as well as Previous Year Papers. That way you can score if there is any repetition as well you know what kind of questions come in the actual examination.

      If you know the type, you can surely grab any of those sample papers books and read the similar 1 and 2 markers.

      • pavani

        thank you soo much!! your tips are really good…

        • CBSE Guy

          Glad you found them useful. Good luck and we hope to see you soon with a ninety plus score ๐Ÿ™‚

  • aahana

    You r realy awsm …
    I m solving previous years ques bt i m scoring only 50% inspite i have cmpleted the whole portion ths month now what i have to do to get

    • CBSE Guy

      Analyze your paper and mark the areas where you feel you’re losing marks. Write these topic names in a piece of paper.

      Now, while you start revising for your physics subject, start with these chapters. If you find yourself not being able to completely revise that chapter, then target the concepts which you saw in the actual examination and master them well.

      Do not worry about marks at this stage and calmly practice papers without any fear of what score you might get. Your stress might be suppressing what all you know and might make you under-perform.

      Also, if you study during the night hours, try to make your body stay the most active during 10am to 1 pm. Sleep by around 10-11pm and inculcate the habit of waking up early and then revising. ๐Ÿ™‚

      We all are with you and do not worry, you’ll do well in your examination. Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • jahan ara

    i am really afraid exams and i have completed first book and 4 chapters are left in my
    second book, will i get 80 above in my exam? pls tell what should i do to get good marks?

    • CBSE Guy

      You’re almost over there with your syllabus there! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Quickly finish off the remaining chapters and then start practicing sample papers and previous year question papers.

      All the best ๐Ÿ™‚

      • jahan ara

        Thnxxx for ur reply and have completed those remaining chapters also… nd thnxx for your wishes too….:-)

        • CBSE Guy

          Good luck and hope to see you soon with your tips for future students on getting 90+ here ๐Ÿ™‚

          • jahan ara

            Thnxx…. ya i will definitely do my best..:)

  • aahana

    Plzzz reply soon………

  • Anurag Banerjee

    I am lucky that I could find this site….
    The problem with me is that when ever I sit solving question from the Sample papers I could solve only about 65% of the paper but when I sit doing the previous years ,I find them rather easy and could easily solve the paper to about 95% and after evaluating I get around 55+ on 70.

    So is the sample question paper is tough or what?? and are the question provided in 1-2 markers important??

    • CBSE Guy

      Sample papers are generally a bit on the tougher side. ๐Ÿ™‚

      You’re getting a nice score there! Try aiming a little higher this time maybe around 65+ and you’ll have higher chances of going 95+ ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Anurag Banerjee

        Thanks man for the motivation….. But it seems like paper is going to be more than a medium paper…. about 65% easy and 35% tough.
        I am pretty nervous now…….. Just praying god that I get sumwhere arnd. 55 mrks……
        Thank you Once again ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Nitesh

    Bro Am In Really Very Tension ๐Ÿ™
    I 2 Hve Openend My Eyes 1 Month Before The Commence Of Xamz :/
    Do Help Me As Soon As Possible
    In Physics, Many Things Are Lagging Behind, Wheteva I Knw From All The Chapters Are Rarely 1, 2 Mark Questions :/
    I 2 Wanna GET 90+ Above !!
    Thiings Are Going Very Tuff Now a Days
    Do Help Me What To Do Now

    • CBSE Guy

      Don’t get bogged down by the exam pressure Nitesh. You can definitely score a 90+ if you smartly plan your preparation right now.

      If you are able to solve 1 and 2 markers, you definitely have the chapters in your mind and all you need to do is to practice the 3 and 5 markers from last year papers. Practice derivations from all the chapters, especially from the first book and also from ray optics.

      Once you start this practice of solving last year papers, you’ll be able to gauge which type of questions are expected in the examination. Now take up your NCERT textbook and instead of solving each and every question from your textbook, solve the ones which are similar to these.

      Make sure you write whatever you learn so that you remember the points during your examination.

      Forget about the marks right now and give your best shot! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • X-Kid

    Hey there!

    Thanks for the post. Kind of “motivating” for sure ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just wanted to ask, would just solving the question papers from the past 5 years be enough to secure 90+ marks? 5 years as in all the CBSE Board question papers including those of Delhi, Outside Delhi and Outside India zones. ‘Cause since there’s not much time in hand now, I personally am not very keen about solving more than 5 years papers.However I just want to know what would you suggest…

    Thanks in advance ๐Ÿ™‚

    • CBSE Guy

      You do not need to solve previous year paper in exactly 3 hour time period. You can quickly skim through papers and answer only the five markers on a piece of paper.

      Papers starting from 2008 should suffice ๐Ÿ™‚

  • lalit

    oye its feb now wat to do ????????????

  • Ashish

    Admin Ive the chapter of nucleus left and semiconductors & communication are not upto perfection are 4 days enuff for them +whole revisio

    • CBSE Guy

      You can surely finish them in 4 days ๐Ÿ™‚ Quickly finish off your Atoms and Nuclei chapter from NCERT, it would probably take a day to master that chapter and then you may start your revision ๐Ÿ™‚

      Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Shreya

    Sir,this is the best educational+motivational article I have ever read about physics..please reply soon i have to ask something…I dont understand the concepts in physics,though when i do it,i do 2-3 chapters in a day
    wave optics is perfect but i have difficulty in ray
    and a lot of chapters are to be studied but i only have 1 week left.
    please respond and tell me some tips related to it..i need them please..i need study tips for physics .

    Thank u

    PS-i study whole night and sleep in morning for 4 hours

    • CBSE Guy

      Skim through last year papers from the year 2008 ๐Ÿ™‚

      For ray optics, look at the five markes from the questions that appeared in earlier board exams and read only that theory from your NCERT textbook. Make sure you do skim through the rest of the topics as well but make sure you master these.

      Since these concepts have higher probability to be five markers, you can score high from these concepts even without knowing the entire chapter. ๐Ÿ™‚

      We sincerely apologize for the delay in response. Also, since there are only two days left, try not to slog during the night. Your body might feel sleepy during the examination time which can make all your preparation go in vain. It won’t go in vain anyways ๐Ÿ™‚ but still try to avoid late night slogging sessions during your board examinations. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rahul

    Very Good Article
    Do I need to practice more derivations for my exams,Which is important Derivations OR Numericals? Please tell something about it.

    • CBSE Guy

      Derivations are way more important than numericals ๐Ÿ™‚

  • shubham

    sir its march :'( hehehe….

  • Saurabh

    hello… a found ur tips realy helpful…
    plz help me….
    i have practised almost all the sample papers and previous yr ques and completelt done with the syllabus… and has already started my revision but the prob. is when i do the model papers the i cn easily solve all 2,3,5 markers but loose my marks in 1 marker… like some of my 1 markers go wrong evrytime… but i want to get above 95! plz help me i’m sure u can tell like how to score marks in 1 marks ques…
    and i have also done ulike sample paprs…
    nw my parentz r saying….U bettr get gud marks… i’m totally nervous..!

    • CBSE Guy

      1 markers are usually conceptual ones and go deep into smaller lines in the book. What you can do is, take your sample paper book and only read the 1 and 2 marker questions. The maximum you do, the maximum you get a hang of them.

      Just be sure to keep the 1 markers from the year 2008 till 2012 on your finger tips. If you have trouble understanding these, by-heart them but don’t leave them at any cost! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Saurabh

    how to do wave optics?……………plzz help me …………i have no clue of it…… can it be done in the exam gap……..please tell the imp. topics in it……..plz……:(

    • sargam pant

      hey saurabh,
      even i will be giving class 12 boards this year…well…for wave optics…..just do…..
      1.)conditions for constructive and destructive interference
      3.single slit-diffraction
      4.)read little bit about polarisation(when i saw u -like maximum questions were from ydse or polarization)
      please do not open up pradeep or any other refresher…do wave optics from ncert)

      whenever u need to know important topics….check it out in u-like…obviously,the more times a question was asked in previous year board….is very important….dont do other topics at this time….

  • sakshi

    Jst 4 or 5 dys r lft n i dnt knw nthng in phy wht shud i d0???’

    • shubham

      arre i guess don’t worrry maine bhi kachu nahi padha hai ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜› padh le… ac kar le sab imprtant 5 marks kar le ho sake to you tube p Pradeep Kshetrapal vedio dekh maar,,, jeet ho jayegi mai to bass yei kar rha hun xpecting 70 mese 55-60 to bante hain.. aajaynge 3 din hain abhi ๐Ÿ˜€

    • CBSE Guy

      You do know alot more than nothing in physics ๐Ÿ™‚

      From your classes, tuitions and other places, you’re brain either intentionally or unintentionally has registered a lot of concepts already. Just practice questions from earlier board examinations right now and revise quickly from your tuition notes or from NCERT.

      Good luck and do not worry! ๐Ÿ™‚ You will do well ๐Ÿ™‚

  • anjali

    thanx for the tip it was really useful …but exam r really near .. ….i able to 3-5 mrks ques but got probs in 1,2 mrks ques ……i am doing question papers……but still got probs…….plz suggest something

    • CBSE Guy

      Try solving as many 1 markers as you can. These sample papers textbooks have plenty of them and they also have the questions which appeared in previous year marked up.

      Since the exam is just around the corner, first solve the 1 markers which appeared earlier in boards and then do the ones which are new. Do as many as you can and the maximum you do, the maximum you’ll score ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Neul Dong Song

    m done with electrostatics , current electricity and i think I forgot magnetism and rest of the chapters .. just 5 days left… can i finish magnetism in one day? And what about semiconductors?

    • CBSE Guy

      Yes magnetism can be finished in one day ๐Ÿ™‚

      Read semiconductor theory till transistors. For transistors check out video lectures or smaller articles on the internet and then read your theory from NCERT. That too can be finished along with magnetism.

  • Neul Dong Song

    What if i just solve the ncert questions and not the sample paper .. how much can i score?

    • CBSE Guy

      It won’t take much time to solve the sample paper. ๐Ÿ™‚ There are only four sample papers published by CBSE (3 from last year and 1 this year having valued based question).

      Do not solve it in exact three hour duration but read through them and write only those 5 markers on a piece of paper.

      And its difficult to quantify the score you can get. It depends on the amount of conceptual grip you have in each chapter. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • akshita

    You’re saving my neck dude…SERIOUSLY!!

  • shwetha

    I was hospitalised and I know only half of the theory of all the chapters.. and I wanna get marks above 90 in physics.. what should I do? I have only four days left.. Please help me.. I request you.. My family’s entire hope is on me..

    • CBSE Guy

      We’re really sorry to hear at your problem but don’t worry you’ll definitely score high in your examination. Since the exam is on tuesday, you can start skimming through previous year papers so that you can finish them by today.

      Next, mark the chapters where you stumbled the maximum and work on their theory from NCERT, do only selected concepts and do not worry about reading the entire chapter.

      Also make sure you start with the chapters that have the maximum weightage so that you can score high ๐Ÿ™‚

      Do not worry as half of the job is already done. If you know half the chapters with confidence, we can safely assume with a little effort you can score 90+ ๐Ÿ™‚

      Good luck and prepare well…you will surely rock! ๐Ÿ™‚

      PS: We really apologize for such a delay in response but due to unforeseen circumstances, we couldn’t come online to answer queries here.

      • Shwetha Santhanam

        i’m reading previous question papers now.. thanks a lot ๐Ÿ™‚ Am still having slight temperature but it kind of drives me to score more.. thanks again for your tips ๐Ÿ™‚ ll keep yu posted of how i do tomorrow..

        • CBSE Guy

          Your health is important and do take a very good care of yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚ Your reply shows the dedication you’ve towards your career and we’re sure you are a 90+ candidate already!

          Good luck and rock the boards tomorrow! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Shwetha Santhanam

            I did reasonable well.. I don think ll get above 90.. i haven’t done that well.. however…Thanks for all your help ๐Ÿ™‚ i’m looking forward to getting a centum in chemistry.. ๐Ÿ™‚ do help me with math..!

  • xranu20

    I haven’t even touched semiconductor devices, communication, AC. I also have a bit of a problem in remembering the derivations in the other chapters. Other than that, my concepts are pretty clear in all chapters of Book 1 and also in Optics.

    Also, I haven’t got good marks in Physics throughout the year, even though I’m pretty intelligent (I’m sure of that).

    How should I prepare in the 3-day prep leave so as to get 65+ out of 70?

    • CBSE Guy

      Semiconductor devices are pretty good till the point transistors start so what you can do is finish these smaller theoretical concepts from this chapter.

      Once you’re done with this, check online resources to get transistors concept cleared. There are plenty of videos like those from NPTEL on youtube from where you can learn these. Make sure you do not sit through the entire lecture, but just skip to the points which make you a bit comfortable with the transisitor theory.

      Once you feel you’re good to go, take up your NCERT and read its theory there ๐Ÿ™‚

      Communcation Systems was a nightmare for me too but since it has less weightage, you won’t lose much here so what you can do is to learn the definitions like those of sky waves, etc and there’s only one formula in it related to towers which you can byheart :).

      Regarding AC, its a huge chapter and if you start doing it now, you’ll mess up with your earlier preparation. Just practice previous year questions from 2008 to 2012 for this chapter and make yourself comfortable in answering only these types of questions.

      Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kanishk Bharti

    Hey admin just one question I am solving together with for physics completely along with additional but not touching any other book. will it help me gain 95+…. thanks for English section it helped a lot ….

    • CBSE Guy

      If you’re able to solve any question randomly picked up from your NCERT textbook. You can surely score a 95+ ๐Ÿ™‚

  • shwetha

    can you please reply faster? ๐Ÿ™ am in need of you help.. i’ve got physics on tuesday..

  • Vardhan

    Great article man! Kinda comforting.
    Well, physics certainly does become easy once you start planning for it. ๐Ÿ˜€
    I got my boards on the 5th, and I’m petrified. The most horrific thing is the numericals. I just can’t get past them.

    • CBSE Guy

      Thanks for your appreciation! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Numericals do not constitute a major chunk of the physics paper. Just make sure you cover all the important concepts and derivations so that you can answer them without any confusion during examination.

      For numericals, look at the type of questions which come in board examinations from the year 2008 till 2012.

      Like say, assume Current electricity has a higher chance of having questions from KVL, KCL and Wheatstone Bridge. Just practice these concepts thoroughly and practice two-three difficult numericals from these concepts. That way you can answer the numericals in your examination, even if you can’t you can atleast write the formulaes and leave it half way till the point you’re stuck so that by step marking you get some marks for sure.

      • Vardhan

        Hm. That actually makes sense. Fine I’ll the ones from important topics. Just one more thing. Are you really sure that your strategy for Semiconductors, i.e. Do all the other parts but chuck out transistor, works? Do 5 markers ALWAYS have an internal choice?

  • Poketmonster Sarath

    can i get cbse2013 blueprint.please hurry up.

  • Nitin Kumar

    aaj 2 march h aur 5 march ko paper aur mujhe kuch bhi nhi aata sahi se :'( but i try ur style to get 80+ marks in boards….

  • Muskaan Malhotra

    i dont aim high… i know i wont get more than 50 in my theory….
    bt right now i hav 2 days left…
    nd m nt confidnt abt a single chap…
    please tell me wat 2 do!!!
    i feel helpless while doing numericals…

    • Arun Singh

      do cbse sample papers quetion it will surely help……yar

    • CBSE Guy

      You don’t have to aim at anything. ๐Ÿ™‚ Even if you’re not confident about a single chapter, you can look at it as “you know all the chapters but to some extent”.

      Stress does make you undermine your own abilities and your preparation.

      What you can do right now is practice questions from 2008 till 2012 and also the sample papers from CBSE. Make sure you finish them by today and then you can revise the topics which you felt you had difficulty in answering the most.

      Make sure the chapters having greater weightage are finished first. Do not worry and you can surely score a lot more than 50 in your theory! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Believe in yourself and we’re sure you’ll outperform your own expectations on the D-Day ๐Ÿ™‚

      All the best ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Satya

    This is your last line of defence Do CBSE QUESTION PAPER 2005/2008/2011 thoroughly .All delhi + All India set i could give you assurance for getting good marks ! Keep this words and do it!

  • ash

    hi nly 2 days left for ph pls help me

    • CBSE Guy

      Revise and make sure you practice all the derivations on piece of paper, that way you remember them well, and also it’ll help you answer some conceptual questions that are usually found in the 1 mark category.

  • Arun Singh

    i m confused abt frm where shld i do numericals?? i mean if i do all numericals of cbse sample papers and do more numericals on that pattern only will this be sufficient to get 90+ ?? help me fast sir!!!!! i need ur support urgently……i anyone can help me plz contact:8604736020

    • CBSE Guy

      At this stage, you should solve numericals from previous year papers and sample papers. If you’re comfortable in solving these, then you do not need to worry about anything.

      If you do stumble a lot in these type of questions, take up your NCERT and only those questions which look similar to the ones which you saw in previous year papers and sample papers.

      But don’t stress alot on numericals at this stage, get your concepts rock solid and derivations on your tips. Make sure you practice each derivation on a piece of paper.

  • ujjwal

    can u pls tell only the important derivations…. i havent done any of them ….

  • Satya Nyn

    I am totally stressed about my physics paper if I only do question paper of 2008 to 2012 will it work ! please answer fast Admin!

  • Aaqib Latif Mizyan

    i am doin my theory rit nw and after dis i am plannin to do previous yrs question papers 2008 -12 how much ever i can and i havent don any numericals yet , will dis b enough for getting 90+ ??

  • Yashaswini prakash

    Sir,your article was definately very helpful. I m an average student aiming for bmm in top collages. I need your help as to how to score 90+ in chemistry, maths and physical education. Looking forward to your reply.

  • Nรฏhรฅrรฏkรฅ รŸhรฅdรถrรฎรฅ

    what if only a day left for physics paper? ๐Ÿ˜›

  • salim

    any links for getting solved question papers of cbse board of 2008,09,10,11,12………?????

  • abhay

    man! tell me which which topics shuld i revise in 1 day??

  • abhay

    which-which topic should i revise in 1 day??

  • Shreya

    Dear sir,

    I wish I had found this exam is day after tomorrow and the only chapters I’ve studied are communication systems, atoms and nuclei, electrostatics, wave optics, current electricity, a little of ray optics and i have concept of electronic devices upto transistors..a little about AC and thats about it..what should I do? I’ve been attentive in class and during class I’ve understood almost everything but now I cant seem to recall everything at once..please help me as soon as possible.

    Thank you

  • Priyanka Chaudhary

    thank you so much for the tips. i m really nervous regarding the paper….

    • CBSE Guy

      Do not worry. You’ll definitely do well ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Aravind M Nair

    day aftr 2mrw s d xam…nd i am still wth optics…knw sme magnetism chaps…dnt knw wat 2 do…im n fear

  • Apurv

    I dont have all india set and foreign set but i hav done all delhi sets from 2009-12
    what all should i do now ?

  • anushka

    hey,thanks a lott. almost everything’s done. just need a quick revision. bt i dont know nything abt transistors…..can i leave it,,as u did??

    • CBSE Guy

      It’s a tricky situation. You may never know how these paper-setters trick you sometimes so its better not to leave anything for chance. I took a gamble because I felt I just couldn’t grasp the topic no matter how hard I tried. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • anushka

        well,, phy is over n ws rely awesm….thanku,,u kind of gav me a confidenc n fire to giv my bst…although i wasn’t rely lky to get those transistor ques n an unxpctd derivatn,,,stl i gav my bst…..i need ur well wishes n support for d upcmin paprs…..i rely admir ur suggestions n positiv attitude,,,,,:) tkr

  • Atul JC Atul

    Hey , Can i Get a blue print of 2013 exam??
    I got one, but my model exam 2013 paper varies with d blueprint. So, i m in doubt whether dats d actual one or not…
    So, cn i get a real blueprint..??

  • Max

    Hi I haven’t started any thing, what should I do? Exam’s tomorrow. What should I study to pass?

  • andrew

    sir my physics paper was very tough. derivations were also not direct. will the correction be liberal??is it possible for me to get 85+ at least. do i have any chances.

  • Jik

    @CBSEGuy:disqus I’m incredibly debited to you, your encouragement have helped me a lot.
    Physics was over today. Finally! It was simple enough, some questions came from Sample Paper, but I was disappointed that question paper didn’t follow the Blue Print,
    I studied Semi conductors in the fear that 5 marker might come, but no, instead a 4 marker came from Atoms and Nuclei but some other small chapters. But it was really easy however.

    Since you really helped me out in Physics, please do give me and others tips on scoring good marks for chemistry. I really like your strategies.

  • Aaliya Rahmani

    hey admin !! please help me !!
    ur physics section is absolutely hepled me a lot ..thnkzz for this
    but now please telll me that sholud i do for chemistry ?
    how u managed that

    • Guest

      yea! gt the same wen i posted my comment it wasn’t showing.. ๐Ÿ˜› anyhw..want some tips in chem too..thnx in advance bro..

  • Neul Dong Song

    I think I’ll fail this year ….what if I repeat class 12 ? I mean it will not effect my future right? I will surely score more than 90 next year . And if I fail in one subject and i dont want to givee supplementary ..can i do that?

  • Neul Dong Song

    What if I score 20 out of 70 in physics?

  • Digant

    Sir thnx fr d tips these really helped me to do better bt to score 90% overall percentage I need to get really good marks in chem n biology as well so help me with that too sir!!!!

  • Digant

    Thnx for the tips in physics sir what should I do for chem n bio

  • shreya

    i’m grateful for your help… you’ve encouraged me a lot…
    i remember 2 months ago i was at the bottom of the class…
    it’s not that i didn’t study.. I was once a very bright student , to be precise the topper of the class till std 10… but due to some personal reasons i deteriorated badly.
    i wasn’t even sure if i could pass my exams.. but you’ve helped me a lot.. not only academically but also spiritually…

    and now.. m expecting a 55 in my physics exam… it was really very simple… ur tips really helped me.. ๐Ÿ™‚ thank u so much… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rakesh Funtobearound

    your tips with phy were really awesome! it helped me a lot! could you plz provide some tips in chem?? cos i m really weak at tht! ๐Ÿ˜› thnx in advance bro.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rakesh Funtobearound

    am cud the reply come faster??sorry bro..ain’t urging ya..just haven’t got the time to wait.. ๐Ÿ˜› 4 just days left..

  • Jatin Singh

    finally i am have passed my 11th and now i m in 12 ,now i want a favour from you that how can i sore above 95 in physics ,is it possible to score 95% in 12 in science stream ,i have read electrostatics in my tution but i m facing problems in solving the numericals ,pls tell me some tricks to learn the questions,also,pls answer as early as posssible ,as i have a lot of time to study but i dont know the tricks and i want to score 95% marks in board

    • CBSE Guy

      Since you got plenty of time in hand, try reading about it from online sources like Wikipedia or read from books like Halliday Resnick or H.C.Verma.

      Once you refer from various sources, you’ll slowly start to feel at ease with the concepts in your textbook.

      Then make your notes combining bits from here and there and then try solving questions from NCERT. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • SKJ

    Physics & Maths CBSE Board-2013 .Blue-Print not follwed.!

  • Rahul

    hi my 12th has started on this march so how can i prepare from the starting itself?

    • CBSE Guy

      Right now, you should concentrate on finishing off your NCERT textbook. Master it completely and also try to solve the exercise questions.

      If you get stuck at some point in the chapter, stop reading and search the same thing in the internet. Read the background information about that concept and look at how physicists worked upon it. Now jump back into the textbook and you’ll realize the text to be easier. ๐Ÿ™‚

      At this stage, do everything except mugging up concepts as they will play up in the final stages. Take your time and understand the minute intricacies laid in each and every bit.

      You’ve plenty of time and you can surely score a hundred if you work continuously without breaking the routine. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • omana

    my 12th classes started and i am already verrrryy nervous!!!!!!!!! i’ve always had a problem with phy but i wish 2 score above 85!:)…….i dnt knw the good guides or qn banks dat i shud buy….nd how shud i strt preparing from the very beginning itself?……plz suggest a method nd names of good guides nd qn banks dat i shud refer to……….thankyou!:)

    • CBSE Guy

      Your anxiety reflects your seriousness towards your goals. You are heading towards the right direction. Right now you should concentrate on mastering the NCERT textbooks only.

      They are a gem and if you master them completely, you’ll not score a 85 in the examination but a 100! Take my words for it and just concentrate fully on your NCERT right now.

      If you are preparing for Engineering or Medical entrances as well, NCERT forms your building block and sets the conceptual ground.

      You might want to follow this and see if it works for you:

      1. Read the chapter from your NCERT textbook
      2. Solve the in-text solved examples.
      3. Take up your coaching books and read the additional theory.
      4. Go back to NCERT and revise the chapter once again and Solve the exercise questions now and make sure you write everything on paper.
      5. Solve your MCQs or other questions in coaching books.

      Once you are done with that, you can start taking up sample papers, mock tests, etc in the later stage ie, around December.

      1. Making notes, underlining important points helps speed up your revision.
      2. Wikipedia or other online sources helps to make the subject interesting, so use it to your advantange ๐Ÿ™‚

      • niharika

        thnxxx a lot for ur advice…i hope it works..!! bt m toooooooo nervous for phy..:(

  • Aadhar Bhatnagar

    hello sir after 10 days is my mid semester of physics. syllabus is electrostats ,current,magnetism,magnetic prop of current.
    pls tell how to study and imp topics for u are physics scholar

  • shivansh chadha

    your guidelines are awesome…
    it helped me a lot and was able to score 95 marks in physics this year

  • Owaiz Khan

    I have got compartment in Physics and i dont know where do i study from. I have been doing my tuition notes and Chapters having more weightage, can you please sugges me what will help me in Compartment?

  • vivaan kaushal

    sir i got a compartment in class 12th physics and now only ten days are left for the exam..i just want to pass the exam.sir,can u please tell me the important topics with which i can clear the exam with just 23 marks

  • samra

    thanks for the tips

  • Abby Mathews

    Something like this for Chemistry?

  • Bobby Parhar

    I need some help. Right now i only know electrostatics , current electricity and magnetic effect of current and electricity. Though not fully but need little practice. Right now its july , i have 7 and half months remaining. I just want to ask u how should i proceed now. Which lessons should i do first and for numericals what should i do to perfect them ?.

  • Pravesh Kapoor

    sir please help me… to do revision quick as i can…….

  • arya

    Am realy tensed am week in the problems,they are so tough no matter how I try I wont get it right,my teacher says to practice more but I dnt think there is much time left..could you suggest something, like importnt chaptrs frm wich the problm wud mostly cum..please help…

  • JoMan

    Only 4 more months left for my board exams and I’m pretty nervous whether I would be able to memorize the huge load of derivations till the day of the exam.So,pls help me here,, are those derivations of any importance for the boards??If so,pls tell me what are all the imp. derivations……. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also,pls do provide me some tips on learning organic chemistry…
    Thank you so much

  • apurva prasad

    hey … i am in 11th and really need help in physics … now only 1 month is left before the examz and thinking of the vast syllabus sends a chill through my spine …. i am fine with the NCERT theory part but the back exercises really suck …. just 1 month left and i have got to do 1.VECTORS 2.LAWS OF MOTION 3.WORK,ENERGY AND POWER 4.ROTATIONAL MOTION 5.GRAVITATION and ofcourse their subparts …. dude i am really scared …. you’ve got to help me on this one ..please reply asap…… thank you

  • Joe

    Hello, i have my boards next year in March & i’m really scared of Physics because i’m terribly weak at Maths & can’t do most of the numericals. I want to pass in Physics, what do i do? ๐Ÿ™

  • merlyn wilson

    well thats nice but what about subject like chemistry
    pls do gv advice !!!

  • sushma

    hey bro…nw its oct 25th…physics exm is on march 15th,,is it neccessary 2 solv additional excersise….nd v r nt getin d prpr blue print also..i dono wt 2 do , im totaly confusd pa,,ll u suggest …plz plz!!!!!!nd i knw ly d important concepta…till d portion wt they dd..nd i dd nt touch ma t.b also…nd i dono dat these days r enuf r nt 2 cmplte all ma 6 subjects…..reply bro???

  • Geethma

    Sir, im very weak in physics…I dont feel like doing physics since I dont get answers for the questions …. so physics got neglected… my exams are coming up and I want to get good marks..
    Please sir tell me a good way of improving my physics and to get good marks ?? Please sir im desperate..

  • Nishant

    sir i have read your article and it is a wonderful article and has helped my brother
    sir i am currently in class 11th so can you tell us something relating to how to score maximum in physics class 11
    i would really appreciate that
    thank you
    hope you would reply to this

  • shalini kumari

    sir plzz help.. my 2nd pre boards r coming and im not done anything at all ache se…i scored 35 in 1st pre board out of 70…but now im blank..n 2 months r left in hand…plzz help my parents want good marks but im confused..i forget wotevr i learn in physics..tell me how 2 memorize them..sir plz help me!!

  • Shubam Sharma

    i am in a big problem .i am don’t understand about the what is important in 12 board in physics .please help me .

  • Shwey

    hello, i found your tips very useful. thnk u for it!
    I have only two months for my board 2014. I will have 3 days holidays due to some festivals in Jan, and i’m planning to dedicate all those 3 days for mastering physics. Pls give me a “study plan”. Should i have to read the ncert line by line or just slove 2008-2013 set 1, 2 n 3 papers(delhi, all india & foreign)?
    Is it necessary to solve the NCERT book back? I feel it to be difficult especially additional exercise. Finally, should i have to read all the derivations in the NCERT????? Please help me!!!! I’m afraid of my phy boards. I usually score 50/70 in my school xams, will i make it 65+/70 in my board?

  • divyansh mishra

    on 5th march is the physics exam and i’am prepared least pre me 17 aaye the !!!! how to prepare for 90 + pracs me mere 29 hai !!!! though kuch chapters maine revise kiye hai i have to study other subject as well please tell a time table !!!! and how to do the question paper when i don’t know all answers !!! pls reply soon admin

  • Amrit Singh

    hi…i also want to score marks like yours..
    very few days left.
    want to finish phy till 22nd feb.
    done current electricity,semiconductors,dual,atoms n nuclei,magnetic effect and magnetism.
    left with electro.
    done optics but not numericals.
    i m finding numericals of ncert of sum chapters though.
    scared about tht.
    will i be able to score required marks because i used to score in 40s out of 70.
    which are really bad in school.
    how to do numerical practise.
    if i do previous year papers , ncert and some xamidea will it be enough for 90s.

  • pooja

    em a bio studnt ! i get highest marks in all sbjct bt my disability toward physics will ruin my % ! i hardly got 30 marks in pre boards ๐Ÿ™ really stressed ๐Ÿ™ have problem in solving numericals related to electrostat and current electricity !! ๐Ÿ™ wot to do ?? please help me ๐Ÿ™

  • Akanksha

    My exam is on 5th of march and during this month of feb i got this book called’U-like’ and almost did each and every previous years boards questions!.. but still ,i am very tensed as the hopes of all my family members rest on me!..plz help

  • Guest

    sir i have worked hard on physics.. i have problems with magnetism and AC but i have really worked hard on the other chapters..
    but i am very much afraid about my PHYSICS EXAM.. i really want to score 65+ in my theory paper out of 70!!
    i have bought the book containing questions from previous 8 years (as i couldn’t find the 10 years one).. I am having a 3 days gap after my english exam for physics and have planned to do those previous year questions then.. but still sir i am very afraid about my exams and because of that i am not having confidence on the chapters i have worked really hard on.. sir please help me!!!

  • smriti

    sir i have worked hard on physics.. i have problems with magnetism and AC but i have really worked hard on the other chapters..
    but i am very much afraid about my PHYSICS EXAM.. i really want to score 65+ in my theory paper out of 70!!
    i have bought the book containing questions from previous 8 years (as i couldn’t find the 10 years one).. I am having a 3 days gap after my english exam for physics and have planned to do those previous year questions then.. but still sir i am very afraid about my exams and because of that i am not having confidence on the chapters i have worked really hard on.. sir please help me!!!

  • Guest

    sir i have worked hard on physics.. i have problems with magnetism and AC but i have really worked hard on the other chapters..
    but i am very much afraid about my PHYSICS EXAM.. i really want to score 65+ in my theory paper out of 70!!
    i have bought the book containing questions from previous 8 years (as i couldn’t find the 10 years one).. I am having a 3 days gap after my english exam for physics and have planned to do those previous year questions then.. but still sir i am very afraid about my exams and because of that i am not having confidence on the chapters i have worked really hard on.. sir please help me!!!

  • Akshit

    Please help me . I’ve 4 days . I’m left with capacitance , em waves , semiconductors and communication systems . I need to revise other topics . I’m planning to do the sample papers on the first day . Then finish revising the topics I know by 2-3 days . Then study CS and em waves and do as much as I can in semiconductors . Please help me . I’m happy with a 55/70

  • Alice

    Hi sir
    I Have finished kinda one revision in physics…but not thoroughly.. Sir I would like to to know what I should do…there’s like 3 days left. What should I do.. And I havnt done much problems… Thank u for ur help.

  • seshasayee mahadevan

    Can u give me the important definition s required urgent

  • Aditi Mishra

    only 2 days are left for my phy board exmz…n m nt yet done wd ac,earth magnetism and many other topics…plz give me some tips ๐Ÿ™

  • hs

    Sir , I have 2 days left to go for my physics board exam and I have not completed my preparation. I am okay with theory in electricity , optics , em waves , atoms and nuclei , dual nature and communication . I happen to know something in each of the rest of the lessons although not very thoroughly . I am totally freaking out and have no idea how to proceed . Please advice. Thankyou

  • Aditi Sharma

    yar ek hi din h n ncert smjh nai arahi
    sirf formula padh leta hu n theory ka kya karuga

  • ashlee1402

    hello. its very nyc of u to post such helpful tips. my syllabus is ISC so… as the specification differ frm board 2 board … can u plz give me sum tips for ISC PHYSICS ?
    (it’s clear dat u r frm cbse but……..plz….)

  • ashlee1402

    plzzzzzzzz as fast as possibe . my exam is on 14th march. and i’m dying here dude…….

  • Jaswinder

    sir i’m having 3 days to prepare for my Physics final 11th std exms .
    there are lots of derivation.i cant remember the derivation which i do clearly and i forget them.
    how to remember derivations.>?

  • parm

    sir i had compartment in physics and maths dont knows any thing will u help me

  • rahul

    Sir i have big problem in solving numerical of physics how should i study to overcome my numerical solving problem current chapter like current electricity


    hey…. plzz let me know that will the question paper for
    the improvement exam 2014 be same as the board exam 2014???

  • uts

    i got 89 in phy cbse 2014

  • sheri

    i find difficulty in conceptual questions
    why is it so

  • mak

    Can you provide info like this for maths and chem also

  • Shushrut Gupta

    Can U give a list of important derivations of each chapter ????? I cant learn so much derivations

  • anubhav

    Sir I have 10 days and how I read the whole syllabus from beggining.

  • http://gmail Arpan Grewal

    Can i score 90+ by doing only last 5 years ques. Papers all india??? I have my exam on 9 th march….

  • Vj

    Sir I have 10 days left for boards and am not able to balance chem ,maths and phys pls help! much should I devote to each subject (generally) ?
    Am weak at all these subjects but I want to score good in all of them ..phys main I have done ncert but haven’t touched sample papers ..maths same and chem ncert I had done but I keep forgetting …

  • Manisha

    Can u please tell me how should I do the chemistry……. Please it’s urgent…..

  • Manisha

    Bro I can not understand how to study chem….
    Mostly organic…… Please. Help…….

  • Manisha

    I need ur help in chemistry
    Please help me & tell me how to prepare..
    It’s really urgent……

  • lavanya

    sir i have only one month for my exams wat to do how prepare for exams and how to prepare all the subjects plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss reply soon sir i am really scared of my exams………………

  • rajat

    Sir I m going to start my physics exam practice from today and my exam is on9 and I am getting 6 days holiday in my exam and I m not confidently prepared for all chapters but knew little bit about all as I have studied them once so what I should do read notes or solve question bank first to score good within this time period

  • yash

    I know you have been repeatedly answering the same questions but i gotta ask what i gotta ask…see i didnot study this whole year and with 5 days for my boards to come..i have decided to mug up the papers of d last 5 years…is it sufficient
    P.s. i havent prepated the individual units at all,plz help

  • ashish jha

    Dear cbse guy.
    Its 24 feb already and I dont know a word about physics.
    If there is an exam tomorrow I will score maximum 10.
    Plz help me. I srsly require your advice on how to get atleast 80+ in physics (29 in practical I have got).
    Plz I know its high time but I found this blog so late. I m sorry. Please help me.
    I dnt what to do.
    How to score good and where to start.

  • ashu

    Hi dude, the article was very helpful. Need a little help of yours. I am done with the theory part. However I haven’t touched a single sample paper. I have one week left. Please recommend as soon as possible.

  • davinder cheema

    i dnt knw wt i have to study plz tell me admin my paper is on 9 march

  • Hazel

    my cbse boards are in 2 weeks . i hv studied everything but they all seem to mess up when i put them on paper and my numericals are weak. i hv to score my max potential iwant all my work to payoff. PLZ HELP and would you please suggest how to sepnd my 7 days for physics.

  • aisha

    i dont have much ready for physics and i don’t think whatever i’ve done will be enough to pass ! can you suggest me something?

  • melissa

    wowww…. wat a lovely way to study…… it is very easy to study using ur method

  • http://gmail mayank chaudhary

    i have done ncert what should i do now . should i practice conceptual questions or do u-like sample papers.

  • Adi

    Hey. I’m writing the boards this year (2015) and they’ve changed it from objective based to application based so that scoring is tough. There’s no blueprint and teachers told us getting an 80 is a big task. What should I do? Please help. Physics exam in a week. ๐Ÿ™

    • CBSE Guy

      Don’t worry, there’s never going to be a paper where even getting 80 is a task. Prepare as you were, revise and make sure you are thorough with questions and examples from your NCERT textbook, past year questions.

      You would’ve already prepared well for you examination by now, don’t let your fears take over the hours of hard work you’ve put through.

      Rest, for what your teachers said about paper getting really hard, its probably just to make you study even harder.

      • kush

        Sir my paper is at 10:30 am tomorrow……….any help from ur side regarding the derivations

  • aish

    are 2 markers also conceptual?

  • Yoppy Vats

    i have 6 days with me left how to revise all syllabus i know all syllabus half sir help me i hv to get 90+ n i got 47/70 last tym in pre boards

    • Sahil Dhingra

      Don’t worry you’ll do well . Start with optics and go weightage wise . I’m sure you’ll get more than 90%

  • deeksha

    I am also preparing for this and 6 days are left dont be nervous u will get yr….all d best

    • Sahil Dhingra

      Thanks. I hope so , all d best to u too

  • Vikram Singh

    hello sir.
    please help me out.
    i am writing board this year(2015)
    i am weak in physics.
    i am not getting how to read and what to read.
    only 5 days are left.
    i know only 30-40% . i am confused from which book should i read.
    i have xam idea , evergreen sample paper. suggest me one.
    i just want to get passing mark in physics.
    should i do odd years board paper like 2013,2011,2009 from ALL INDIA & DELHI.


    • aruni

      i had the same confusion…..but since ony 4 days are left ; i am opting for the sample papers caz d questions do repeat in the examinations… also… exam idea is a lenghty one and has a lot of questions and there is no time to complete it…..

  • Adi

    Thanks bro. ๐Ÿ™‚ Any tips on Chem though? Only 2 days study holidays this time. ๐Ÿ™

  • Sachit Khurana

    Sir ji,
    5 days left until exam
    any recommendation on would be helpful
    i know very little about the chapters
    please help

  • Deepak BiSht

    I feel down, coz i dont know whether you”ll reply me or not :/

    But still, i will say my inner heart words.

    5 days are left for physics paper. And the thing is few weeks before i completed my whole physics syllabus quite well (just theory part excluding numericals)
    But at this time when i look back at those topics i feel like its a whole new thing o.O
    and this makes me sick… Please suggest something. Something that could save my ass :/ ๐Ÿ™

    More sad news is I AM A DROPPER! ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜

  • samidhi bhrdwaj

    i am going to appear in physics exam 12 cbse on 9th march ..i have 5 days left to prepare for including the day today …i have scored 59 on 70 in my board preboards which ac. to me is not a good score ..can you suggest me how i should prepare to improve my score and to get 90+ in boards ?

  • Aditya

    just 4 days left.. not a big problem though but can you please tell me how many numerical questions from optics.. coz i hav never touch numericals on optocs as u mentioned it above ๐Ÿ™

  • aruni

    do you know which chapter in optics ( ray or wave) has more weightage..???

  • Meerav Panjwani

    Sir I scored 40 out of 70 in my preboards and know I m only doing previous years question paper is there something else I should do please suggest me?

  • aruni

    what about the derivations..?? only 4 days are left and i noe nothing about most of them,… what shud i do.. :'( ;'(..???? or can you pleaze tell me the chapters with important derivations….?????

  • nandini swami

    my physics exam is on Monday 9feb. and Iam too confused what to do please suggest me tips please sir..

  • divya

    hi, 3 days r left for my physics examination, i hav not yet practised derivations. i just know around 1/3 from all chapters. i have practised one mark questions of all the chapters and nothing else. whenever i tries to do derivations i get nervous for mmy exams.. what should i do to pass.

  • rochelle

    just three days for physics ๐Ÿ™
    any tips on how to learn magnetic effects of electric current derivations?

  • komal

    2 days left for phy exam I know d theory of all chaps. Have not read the textbook for some chaps…not solved numericals or questions. What should I do?

  • sree

    only 2 days left i don’t know to do physics application problem

  • sree

    i am scared i don’t know what to do.i have basics in all my theory chap but still iam not sure.i need to score 80+ in my exam

    • Sahil Dhingra

      I’m also very scared . I know most of the chapters but still I’m not confident in some chapters. Semiconductor is very boring especially and magnetism also is not done . I don’t know what to do

  • Abhishek

    I am very tensed about my physics paper as i have only one day left! I know things in physics but i am disturbed mentally. What should i do?
    My paper is on 9th march,2015

  • shivam

    Tommrow is my physics exam… Although I ve studied well … And cleared all the topics but still I’m felling nervous,,, suggest a way to be chillax

  • Aakash Soni

    dood, only a day is left..and tomorrow is my PHYSICS BOARD EXAM..and i DON’T KNOW ANYTHING>>>wat should I do now??

  • Chethashree Chandrashekar

    thanks a lot for giving information about the exam……2morrow is my exam……i think if i follow ur instruction well i could at least score 80 or 75

  • amol

    i am an average student of class 12 {cbse board ,with non-medical stream}and i want to score 75% in the board exams….so,what should be my stragedy and how should i study to acchive my aim and iam also weak in subjects such as physics and computer science…… kindly,please help me
    i will be very thankfull

  • Umang Gupta

    How can I get 90+ in boards this year if I start preparing from tomorrow ?(P.S. I am very very weak in numericals.)

  • ginni gupta

    Its nov. How do I prepare. I have not done anything.

  • niteesha p

    but teachers too are against NCERT. They say to follow reference books like SL ARORA rather than from NCERT. But SL ARORA has got a lot of extra stuff..
    So how should i prepare??
    (I admit. NCERT hasn’t got any clear derivations)
    Can I just prepare for the topics given in syllabus of CBSE for scoring good marks??
    And what about chemistry?

  • Prashant Singh

    I am left with only 2 months from my class 12 board exams and i have to cover my whole syllabus of all subject i.e. physics, chemistry, maths, English, computer science(c++)…………hm…….so what should be the best way to do it..


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