What exactly is board exam’s fever?

“CBSE Boards aren’t a child’s play” that’s what the teacher tells everyone in the class few days or probably months before the board examinations. Since, you are about to write the exam for the first time, you seriously start preparing for the exam thinking it to be something different than what you wrote till now. You prepare, prepare and finally are done with the preparation.

The D-Day is about to come and you are busy revising things and rechecking everything. Just a day left for the D-Day and your body starts playing on you. You feel tensed, nervous and in most cases don’t feel like sleeping or eating. You even drop the plans of going outside.

That’s what most of us feel during this time, but don’t worry people; boards aren’t tough as they are made by teachers and parents. External pressure is only to ensure you are on your toes but most of us get so dissolved in their words that we get tensed and end up ruining the months of preparation in 3 hours. So buck up, drink loads of water, sleep well and don’t study a day before the exam!

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