How to score well in your social science paper

Many feel Social science to be one of the toughest subject to score. But to tell you the truth its one of the highly scoring subject one can ever expect. There is only one drawback which is the history part where you need to mug everything. But rest of the parts only need the knowledge you have about your country.

Never ever sit in the night before examination learning all those dates, facts, etc from your history textbooks as you will end up ruining your preparation of months. I did it myself and was totally nervous during the examination. Thankfully, I didn’t ruin my exam but the examination day was full of tension.

If you really want to study a day before the D-Day, then practice maps and maps all day. Don’t touch your books until and unless you feel there is a need for further revision in a topic.

Many of you might be interested to know what H.O.T.S are for Social Science, it is just another name given to make students nervous. You don’t need to worry about it and prepare as you are doing now. The only thing you need to do is to concentrate a little on the extra information given in those small boxes in the chapter.

And regarding the question paper pattern, don’t think that you won’t get questions from your textbook as there are many questions directly lifted from your textbook but with a little trick-ish textual manipulation. If you don’t fall in their trap, you can easily score well.

The next important thing which I wanted to tell you is that to highlight all the important points of your answer by underlining them in your answer sheets. And also leave two lines gap after each answer so that you can make further changes if necessary.

Examiners love neat scripts with easily accessible points. To get their mood going smooth, keep your answer sheets neat and clean. Also try writing your answers in points and stay with the context of the question.

Just follow these and you can easily score well in your social science paper. These tricks are only the cream on the pie, your hardwork forms the real pie. Best of luck for your examination and we hope to see you jumping all the way after your examination on the D-Day.

Here is the link to the answer sheet of high scoring student in the 2008 examination to learn some nice tips.

Question paper | Answer sheet

Check out the sample papers for practice

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